Over the last few weeks I have had two private showings. Quite exciting. Rainbows around the sun and beautiful bright red breasted sparrows  appeared on my way to the first and i realized that something i have been dreaming of for as long as i can remember isn’t coming anymore it is here! I had two private showings last week. Sold two paintings, commisioned two pieces and got my art in two more stores. Nicola soon to open in inglewood and Nurture in crowfoot. Thankyou Universe I promise to send love love love

    I love to paint trees and angels. I used some fabric too and i really like the effect!

    I have been painting up a storm…can’t stop! my blog has suffered over the last months .Where have i been? Can’t wait to show you. 2011 is here, the new day is rising and i am excited.

    I started a new job last week laying laminate floors in a condo downtown. I work partime and I love it! My bff Lindsay got me the job and she is the best. I park at the top of the centre street bridge and long board down and that is so fun and a bit scarey with the wind warning this morning. I don’t like wearing a hardhat, but I really like the job.

    I’ve been working away  on my art too! I think I have almost 100 necklaces built. Can’t wait to show you