I am so happy that the sun has been shining. Working outside feels great. I’ve been creating Some new jewelry for the Mckenzie town farmers market. It starts first week of june and goes till the end of september.  Laura and Michelle are doing it with me. Laura sells art and Michelle sells jam…yum. So I ask the universe for sunny thursdays please. Last year Laura’s tent flew away and her almost with it. So the new jewelry is like my paintings but micro sized. I painted on tiny pieces of wood found at the river. One layer at a time layer by layer sometimes adding sworoffski crystals and glitter. I have painted the backside too because that is the side that touches the body so I thought that should be pretty too.  I think they are turning out quite nice.


    The word angel means messenger. The supreme messenger is light and light is alive. We all have the light in our hearts and the more we love the more that light glows! We must deliver the message of love first to ourselves and then to others. Plant a lotus bud in every heart you come into contact with and the love and light will grow. As the sun shined through my window this morning my jewelry started to glow and little rainbows sparkled on the walls. My heart warmed and I felt such support. I am not sure where it comes  from.  A message of light to inspire me and love me.


    I find alot of my art supplies on the edges of the big bad Bow River. My grandma Joyce named it that. We used to go for picnics, and if we got too close she would say ” Oh don’t get close, that’s the big bad river!” I worked, it really freaked me out. Now I love to spend hours scouring the piles for the perfect pieces. Today I found a new spot with so many gorgeous pieces. I filled my arms and am so excited to get started and to return for more.

    Today is the best day ever. I got my step-daughter Maddy ready for an early morning pick-up from her grandparents. They were late so we decided to have a photo shoot and send her daddy the pictures at work. That made his day too! She is so cute. I picked out her clothes while she ate strawberries watching cartoons on the couch. Today she wore purple. With stars on her socks. Of course she had to pull them high above her knees. Looked great with her black combat boots….the ones we got her for Christmas. She even let me brush her hair a little. Her grandmother loves it when her hair is brushed so I feel responsible to have that done…and a little lipstick, for the photo shoot.When my inlaws arrived and grandma noticed Maddy’s hair right away whoot whoot, she brought me the most beautiful box of art supplies! o m gosh! From Holly her 80 year old next door neighbour. Two boxes full of treasure…really. Tiny little apothocary bottles full of teeny seashells in every color. Bigger shells too with rainbows on the inside…they glow. There is even a few ripped out pictures from really old jewelry making books. Wrinkled and crumpled in the bottom of the box. Thank you Holly! Thank you Universe! Like I said Oh, what a Day


    Well this is my first official post. I have spent hours downloading photos until I realized that having a blog is very much an artisic project in itself!  I have feared computers so long or maybe i should say that i was not willing to spend the time to get “aquainted”.  Now that this creative process has started of designing and posting pictures, creating what is in front of me. Something from nothing. That’s what drives me. That is what makes ME tick…you know?  My computer and I are now very good friends and i am having fun!